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UPDATE and notice of information available…

Posted by Admin on October 4, 2006

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post a quick note and let you all know that I’ve been very busy over on my other blog.  Below you will see a list of new information I have published at the Liberty Rocks Blog.  Of particular interest to some may be the essay I wrote regarding the Gun-Free School Zone Laws…

I’m working on figuring out a schedule that will allow me to spend a little more time on things in our area, and state specifically, but I’ve been so very busy lately…  I do apologize for that.

I hope everyone is doing well…

Here are the new links:

FOCUS PAGE: “Platte Canyon High School Tragedy Info & Resources” – The Liberty Rocks Blog

FOCUS PAGE: “School Shooting at Weston HS – Cazenovia, WI – September 29, 2006” – The Liberty Rocks Blog

SPECIAL REPORT: Amish Children Murdered in Pennsylvania School Shooting – Lancaster County, PA – October 2, 2006 [INCLUDES DONATION INFO]” – The Liberty Rocks Blog

ESSAY: “Gun-Free School Zone Laws Put Children At Increased Risk” – The Liberty Rocks Blog 

I’ll try to post again soon…
Take care everyone & stay safe!

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