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  • ~~ Prayers ~~ For the Innocent in all Nations…

    Prayers are being offered for the victims (both soldiers and civilians) worldwide due to Radical Islamic Terrorists, 476428_blue_flame.jpg
    as well as the victims of other racist, and extremist groups that use violence to assert control over others and take away their inalienable human rights. May we learn to co-exist peacefully so that we may experience the blessing of LIFE God has given to all of us.


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About The Wausau Word

Dear Readers,

It is my personal belief that the average American is, quite frankly, pressed for time when it comes to being able to stay up-to-date on Current Events, from Locally to around the World. I’m also somewhat frustrated when it comes to the lack of World News Coverage available from local media sources. So I decided to create The Wausau Word – providing some extra coverage of World News for my friends and neighbors.

Hoping to help residents in North Central Wisconsin, The Wausau Word is dedicated to sharing with you the top news stories of the day from around the world, as well as Weekly Coverage of Local, State, and Regional News and Blog Entries (COMING SOON). You can find these links under the heading Categories in the right-hand column on every page.

Some of the other Special Features @ The Wausau Word are;

  1. WORLD NEWS LINKS – A semi-daily listing of the top stories from around the world. (I try to produce these links lists on a daily basis, but sometimes it is just impossible due to other responsibilities that must take priority.)
  2. LOCAL NEWS LINKS – A weekly listing of the top news stories from a wide variety of local news sources. (Starting sometime in September – I apologize for the delay, but I am currently busy with some family related projects that need to take priority at this time.)

Also of interest to some of our reader may be our RSS Feed publication. We publish the 10 Most Recent posts in our feed.

We hope you will enjoy reading The Wausau Word and that it may be of benefit to you. Please remember us when speaking to your friends.

Thank you for Stopping By,
Michelle K.
Editor, The Wausau Word

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